❤ this movie.

Yow Yow!

I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching 500 Days of Summer. I’m not exactly sure if I could call it my favorite movie like Definitely, Maybe, but it’s pretty close. It’s at least under the Top 5. It doesn’t matter where the movie is playing, I will always choose it. Debating between movie picks at a friends house? 500 Days of Summer. 500 Days of Summer or continuing the Oxygen Glee marathon? 500 Days of Summer. 500 Days of Summer or a friend’s 4th of July BBQ? Leave the BBQ early to go home and watch 500 Days of Summer. Yes, that actually happened. Judge me.

Tonight, I feel like I paid more attention to the movie on E! than I usually do. While I do believe that both Summer and Tom have had their ups-and-downs in the film, ultimately, Summer made a huge mistake in not…

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