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hmmm.  what can i say about myself?  let’s answer with a list:   81 facts about cerisze

1. I’m   Cerisze Joy Florentino   but i like to be called doidoi

    2.  I love to take photographs wherever i go

3.  I love harmony

4.I’m always hungry.  I can eat same food, day-in-day-out and not get bored

5. My addiction is music. I buy music on whims without even knowing if I like the artist.

6. I can listen to same song non-stop in loop and still enjoy it. This freaks out all my buddies :))

7. I love fashion.

8. I love to draw and reading is my habit.

9. I can’t live with out my phone

10. If you strike the right chord with me, I can ramble on and on for hours

11. I don’t like my course.

12. I am desperate to get another tattoo.  yay!

13.  I won’t leave the house without lipstick.

14. When I’m tensed, I like to watch movies or meditate.

15.I prefer to tour a place that is sparsely crowded

16.  I still like to go outside and play in the rain.

17. It kills me to see a closed placed.  I’m afraid of dark.

18. I Love watching movies. I hate horror flicks and haunted houses, but I really like psychological thrillers

19. I can’t sleep without my Piggybui.

20.I would rather play exhausting sport than sit on my a$$ and read a book

21. I have a small feet. 🙂 that makes me happy, cuz I can get cool shoes.

22.  I read every night before I go to bed.

23. I’ m a  Sailor Moon fanatic.

24. I have a wild imaginations.  :))

25.I like to dream

26. I’m an organized person. i don’t like seeing scattered things.

27.I’m often impatient with others

28.I’m often impatient with others

29.I am blind as a bat without my glasses or contacts.

30.I do get hangovers, which irritates a lot of people when they do.

31. I rarely go to bed before 1 am.

32. I can count my true friends on one hand.

33.I make beaded jewelry.

34.5 people in this world know all there is to know about me, and I am not one of them.

35. I am lost without my family.

36. I am a frustrated singer.

37. I love chocolate way t0 much.

38. I don’t like plastic people, I’m allergic with them.

39. I so love   Superman . oh my!He’s so hot!!

40. I really don’t like mathematics. i guess we’re not really compatible with each other. grrrrr

41. I drink a glass of water every morning when i wake up.

42.I am obsessed with shoes, bags and hot boys! LOL

43. I collect journals.

44. I’m a  huge fan of  Nicolas Sparks.

45.I also like finishing my stationery, especially my pens, because for some weird reason it will make me feel that I’ve done a lot of studying

46. I dream of writing a book of my own some day

47. Someday I would like to study architecture and jounalism

48. Art is one of my greatest passions, followed by designing, reading and taking photographs

49.I have 4 sisters. I am the 2nd eldest.

50. I love surprises.

60. I  don’t like snakes, spiders and insects. I just hate them

61.I’m addicted to the internet and compulsively check facebook.

62. I love making lists, and I never go anywhere without a pen.

63.I would sleep with Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway in a heartbeat.

64. I have a huge crush on Johny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, and a lot more hot guys

65.I always wanted hair that would fall back into place. Mine doesn’t.

64. I drink Black coffee with no sugar

65. I love adventure and my biggest dream is to travel around the world

66. I love being busy, I find I do more (and do it well) the more I have to do.

67. My dream job would include painting, designing, writing and travel

68. God gave me you- Jar Jar Bogz, my one and only angel

69. I’d rather shop by myself than with other people.

70.When I get upset I eat a lot or have a new look

71.I feel more powerful in heels.

72.  I really want to learn how to dance, any type of dancing.

73. If I could have any superpower, I’d like: to be able to read and control the mind of other people

74.My favorite day of the week has always been Friday.

75.  I will never stop learning.

76. I’ve dealt with eating disorder related issues since high school.

77. I love to bake, but i don’t know how to do it. haha

78. I am completely in love with my life.

79. Summer is my favorite season.

80. I love going to the beach and watch the sunset and sunrise with the one i love. ❤

81. I love learning about people.

 … the list is growing … 


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