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Doodle Art is a one of the most creative ways to pressed out your emotion and feelings. While doodling, our unconscious mind will established self creative expression and believe it or not, doodles do reflect your feeling and moods. I do envy others doodles. For me, each of the doodle created was full with soul, personality and excitement.

Here are my first most creative example of Doodle Arts. I hope you like it!


USEP student’s hit DRSUS bill

While almost everyone is glued on their seats to watch impeachments proceedings in the Senate, youth groups in the Davao are busy with their protest against the planned Davao Regional State University System (DRSUS) . The system is aimed at rationalizing higher education and reduce by at least 10 percent the number of state universities and colleges (SUCs) in the country.

Region 11 has the second lowest budget allocation for education but despite of this dilemma, a state university named University of Southeastern Philippines has made to the top 5 performing universities in the country and one of the universities in the Philippines recognized as one of the top performing school in Asia.

The students of this university have opposed the move saying that it would compromise the quality of education and limit the number of poor but deserving students from studying in the state university.

Why integrate a university that has already made name not just in the country but also internationally? Ironic it seems but what they have achieved will eventually vanish if the DRSUS will be implemented.

What’s worst about this bill is that it is not consulted to the major stockholders which are the students. Faculty, staffs, alumni and parents have no idea of this threat to their future. It was made in public just last December.

The right to information and the essence of democracy are slowly diminishing in a ground where it should exist. The right to quality education is not about merging SUCs and LUCs but by giving proper attention to the need of the students.

The issue of budget allocation for education has been an issue for several years. Government administration has caused major problems in the educational system not the universities and colleges itself.

Another worst thing about this house bill is that it will result to gradual face out of courses. Only Engineering and Education will be offered to this incoming university and if one wishes to take business or computer related courses one needs to go to Mati just to be able to avail of it or just go to private school with astonishing tuition fee. It would be unfair that the batch of future IT specialist, future economist and computer technician will be the last if the HB 5311 will be promulgated. Soon this university will only produce quality engineers of different fields and quality teachers of different levels.

Back to zero. Back to nothing. Established identity will vanish. All recognitions will be part of the past if HB 5311 will be passed.
Last January 25, students of Usep Obrero campus held a symposium as to their stand toward DRSUS. It is not only the issue of the students.

Academians, deans of different colleges expressed their refusal to the said house bill. It is a fight not just for today’s generation but also for the future students who want to enjoy cheaper but quality education within the city. The same event also encouraged students to be more aware and to take part in the decision-making for they will be the most affected by DRSUS if it will be implemented.

DRSUS is not the last resort to solve the problems in elevating education. Not in Region 11. Not in a university that had made its name on the ground of quality education. Students and incoming professionals of the country have the right to education. An education that is promised by the constitution.


young at heart

“i believe it is important to stay young at heart, to have faith in what might seem impossible and to have goals beyond your current
abilities or temporary mean”.

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

When I discovered that the Chinese New Year begins on January 23rd, the first thought that popped into my head was, “Whoa! Another new year, another chance for a do-over!” The second was, “We should go out for a Chinese dinner Monday night.” The third was, “Oh wow! I should check out my Chinese horoscope!” Then it occurred to me that I hadn’t even checked my astrological horoscope for 2012.horoscopes Astrological signs

My fascination with astrology started in the 7th grade when a group of my friends and I walked from school to the neighborhood drug store. The glass display case we dashed to was filled with penny candy. After gazing at the myriad of choices, we each selected our favorite sweets. Then we discovered a cup on top of the counter filled with colored scrolls printed with astrological signs and horoscopes. They prophesied the future for the whole…

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How to Make Life Worth Living

Being human means acknowledging the fact that there is only one option in life that option is the moral option . This moral option tells us that we should value life. The question is, how?  Aristotle teaches that all human acts have a purpose. What then is the between the good and this purpose? It comes from the basic understanding of making life worth living. Life is worth living when we shall have discovered our very purpose. The very value of life comes from the purpose. To realize this value means to realize our happiness.  Happiness is something that is desirable in itself. All other things are merely requirements for happiness. They are mere instruments. They are our means for attainment of happiness. To live a dignified life means to live well, to be happy.

But we must clearly understand what is that ultimately makes the person happy. This is because there is a kind of happiness that only answers the call and whims of a person’s ego. It is individualistic. It responds only to an inner call. The moral dimension, however, responds to a broader reality. The human person belongs to a world. He belongs to others. This world is unexplored because he confines his moral puzzles to the very question of the self when in fact, he has a family to treasure, some friends to cherish, or a work that renders his waking hours meaningful. In this sense, a life is worth living is one that is open to the moral possibilities of the human person.

Thus, human happiness is not one’s ego. It is in being with others. It is by being in the world. It is fundamentally the essence of human freedom. Our freedom tells us that we have claim to truth. The truth is a life well lived. It is well lived because  we have a reason to be. Our freedom opens our path towards a life lived fully because we have realized that our very value comes from the exercise of making the lives of others worth living because we recognized there freedom. Achievement is never personal. The true measure of human happiness is the happiness that others achieved through us . In helping others realize themselves, we also realize more fully.

Thus, our real task as persons is to say that our final goal, which is happiness, should include the happiness of the least of our fellow human beings. To respect others is to respect their dignity as persons. This is something that we can achieve by making sure that our social institutions achieve their  moral ends. This is something that we can do by treating others as persons with dignity who also desire their freedom, and as such, the only moral option is to help them realize who they are. Only then can society be just and oriented towards its authentic moral end.

Learning about Money Blogging

Blogging has become  a very popular these days because it’s a great way to share your thoughts, it can also be a great way to make money. However if your goal is to make money blogging you need to do things differently that you would  with a personal blog. The steps that you have to take  are not all that  hard but you do need  to make sure that you follow them.  This will give you the best chance oif succes.

The first thing that you have to do is if you’re going to to make money blogging is to figure out just how you are going to make money. This is not the way that most  people  go about doing it, which is why most of them fail. The usual approach is to decide  what you are going  to blog about  and then try to figure out how how you are going to make money after you have built the blog. This rarely works so you are going to want to decide right up front if you plan to make money selling products, selling advertising or in some other way.

Once you know how you plan to make money blogging  you are going to need  to decide  your blog on what is going  to be about. A lot of people will tell that you should build a blog  a bout a subject that interests you. The problem is that many of these subjects are not all that profitable. You need to choose a subject where there is money to be made., either because there are products to sell or advertisers in that niche. If this happens to be a topic that you have an interest in all the  better , but  but there is a pretty good chance that you are going to have to write about something that you find quite dull.

The next thing that you need to do to make money blogging is to actually build the blog. This is where you add the content which should be fairly straightforward. The key to blogs is that they need to be updated regularly so you will need to keep adding content. You will also want to make sure that the content that you add is targeted and keyword focused.

The last step to make money blogging is to get people to visit your blog, this is where most people run into trouble. There are lots of different ways that you can get traffic and you are probably going to want to use a few different ones. The best option is to get traffic from the search engines which means that you are going to have to get good at search engine optimization. It may also be a good idea to use some pay per click advertising as well but this is probably something that you will want to wait until after you have seen if your blog converts visitors into buyers before you try it.






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